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An Ontological Coach helps you to become a better observer of the way you see, be and act in the world. Having this new or enhanced awareness will enable you to question your assumptions with curiosity and identify your blind spots, along with your biases so that you can gain new perspectives and see new possibilities for action.

“We cannot be what we cannot see.”

Ontological Coaching is about developing a relationship, a learning partnership that creates a learning environment in which the coachee becomes a different and more powerful observer with an enhanced capacity to take more effective action. An Ontological Coach is trained to be an acute observer of how the interplay between language, emotions, and body produces a way of being that can generate ineffective behavior in the outer and inner-worlds that lead to suffering. Additionally effective, sustainable change requires the story, the narrative, the emotions and their embodiment to change. Ontologically, we call this transformation creating a new coherency.

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